National External Evaluation Consultant


NGO Education Partnership (NEP)

EOL Project Name: “Strengthening the quality of education policy advocacy, dialogue, and delivery through CSO inclusion, participation, communication, and capacity building”. 2020-2021.

This consultant will receive technical orientation about the project from the NEP focal point for the evaluation.  The NEP provides overall supervision of the consultancy; and all payments require approval of the NEP Director. The consultant(s) will be responsible for logistics, communication and secretarial work; as well as for the administration of all methodological tools such as questionnaires, focus groups, etc. RMU MEL advisor is given the opportunity to submit comments to the evaluation draft report. A technical evaluation follow-up committee will be set up at NEP level. It will consist of the consultant, NEP, RMU MEL Advisor/Manager, and representative from RC. Any member of the committee may request a meeting of this committee in case of technical difficulties, such as understanding a tool or delays in the production of the deliverables, etc.
The consultant who MUST be independent from the NEP and stakeholders should have the following skills/experience/qualifications:

–        Hold a Master´s Degree in international development, social sciences, economy, political science or monitoring and evaluation.

–        Have minimum 5 years´ experience in working in international development programs.

–        At least 3-4 years experiences of conducting project evaluation related to international development cooperation.

–        Be qualified as evaluator of development projects in the social area with expertise in applying human rights based approach and gender perspective.

–        Have experience in working in different national development contexts and/or at regional/global level

–        Technical knowledge to development of social policies, preferably education policies.

–        Knowledge to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

–        Excellent writing skills in English (demonstration of writing skill is required with submission of previous reports)

–        Availability in November 2021- January  2022

The consultant will receive support in the following aspects:

The selection process of the national external and independent consultant will be agreed with the RMU with the aim of assuring a transparent selection process.