I. Organisational Information and Contact

II. Organisational Background Information and Activities

Short Description about Organisational background (Max 150 words):*

Organisational Vision:*

Organisational Mission:*

Organisational Goal:*


Program/Project Activities/Project name (education related program):*

Location and project/program length? implementation:*

Would you like receive further update or any publication from NEP?*

III. Declaration

I declare that I have read and fully understood NEP’s Charter and operation and wish to apply to be member of NEP.

1. Registration letter with MoI (local NGO), MoFAIC (International NGO)*

2. MoU with MoEYS/DoEYS*

3. Organizational statute / Bylaw *

4. Annual Report of the previous year*

5. Cover letter address organisation’s desire to join NEP to NEP’s Executive Director *