Primary Education

The Royal Government of Cambodia is increasingly committed to  ensuring  equal opportunity to access quality education regardless of social status, geography, ethnicity, religion, language, gender and physical form. While the United Nations, various conventions, policies and goals set the international framework to accomplish this mission, the RGC established its own Education Strategic Plan 2014 – 2018, complimented by a set of inclusive policies on PwD, gender and ethnic minorities. Although the National Institute for Statistics’ data shows an enrolment rate of 96.4% in 2012-2013, the general consensus is that this does not reflect the situation throughout the country. Furthermore, discrepancies between marginalized and non-marginalized children and urban and rural areas highlight the system’s inadequacy to provide suitable educational services for every child. Drop-out and completion rates stress the need for a relevant and quality education.

Education Strategic Plan (ESP) 2014-2018 is designed by sub-sector. There are seven sub-sectors namely: Early Childhood Education (ECE), Primary Education (PE), Secondary and Technical Education (STE), Higher Education (HE), Non-Formal Education (NFE), Youth Development (YD), Physical Education and Sport (PES).

The Joint Technical Working Group (JTWG), which consists of leadership from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and Education Sector Working Group, are reviewing periodically the progresses, challenges and suggest ways forward.

At the JTWG retreat held in November 2014, it was agreed the sub-sector working group be established in order to review the policy implementation and projects/programs that are being implemented.


There is a growing need for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to engage in policy formulation, monitoring policy implementation and provide constructive feedback to the government in order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the development aid provided to Cambodia.


With the support of Educate A Child Programme of the Education Above All Foundation, for the first nationwide Cambodian Consortium for Out of School Children. NEP, AEA and other 17 members planned to establish National Network for OOSCs aims to ensuring that the issue of out of school children becomes and remains a central issue at

the local, national and global level.   Through consultations with CSOs members, we learned that there is a need for establishing the Primary Education Sub Sector Group

represents CSOs in Cambodia working on primary education that are both non- consortium and consortium members with common objectives. It could mobilize more CSO members to participate and it becomes more sustained. It represents the voices of CSOs to provide concrete inputs to government. This will have greater impact to inclusive education. This Sub-Sector group is also endorsed by the Ministry of Education

under the coordination of NEP.