Non-formal education

The non-formal sub- sector working group is established, specifying clear programs and tasks to strengthen the implementation and capacity assessment of NFE and to review of the curriculum framework and textbooks of NFE programs.

NGO Education Partnership and Civil Society Organization (CSOs) working in the field of non-formal education in Cambodia  aim to include the work of other NGOs working towards inclusion of marginalized communities and leaners into the development of the educational sector and beyond. Hence, forming  NFE Leading/Organizing Committee will help facilitate and speed up the preparation of NFE sub-sector in Cambodian society and government.

NFE-SSWG, with NEP, will work further to build strong communications channels and gain full recognition from the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports (MoEYS).

NFE SSWG is created to support and align with the MOEY strategy and continue to support adult literacy and non-formal primary education equivalency classes, re- entry program classes, community learning centers, and vocational training classes.

NFE SSWG aims to strengthen the management and leadership capacity of NFE officials at all levels, and to develop well-functioning community learning centers to meet local need.

To strengthen NFE framework through a review of NFE policies and the development of regulations to support implementation