Early Childhood Care

The Network on Early Childhood Care and Development (NECCD) was established in Cambodia in early 1996, initiated by Enfants du Cambodge (currently Enfants & Développement). Initially, a subcommittee on ECCD was formed and gathered a few NGOs to participate in the network such as Partage – Bondos Komar, World Concern, Red Bana (Save the Children Norway) and Enfants Refugiés du Monde. There were gradually increasing numbers of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) participating in the committee, from 17 NGOs members in 2003 and 32 members by 2012. Since then the sub-committee on ECCD was re-formed as the NECCD, led by an elected executive committee of 4 elected governance members, including 1 elected chair responsible for secretariat and representation. NECCD has been very successful as a platform to share information between civil society, international organization and government. It has also made a significant contribution to building capacity and good collaboration among members.

In 2014, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) and the National Committee on Early Childhood Care and Development (NC-ECCD) set up the strategic framework and objectives to support quality and accessible ECCD interventions in Cambodia, through the National action plan on ECCD and Education Strategic Plan 2014 – 2018 (ESP).

ESP 2014-2018 is designed by sub-sectors, including Early Childhood Education (ECE), Primary Education (PE), Secondary and Technical Education (STE), Higher Education (HE), Non-Formal Education (NFE), Youth Development (YD) and Physical Education and Sport (PES). The Joint Technical Working Group (JTWG), which consists of leadership from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and Education Sector Working Group, are reviewing periodically the progresses, challenges and suggested ways forward. At the JTWG retreat held in November 2014, it was agreed to establish the sub-sector working group (SSWG) in order to review the policy implementation and projects/programs that are being implemented. In this perspective, MOEYS has nominated NGO Education Partnership (NEP) to coordinate Civil Society Organizations (CSO) to elect representative to join SSWG.

In 2016, active members of NECCD recognized the growing need for CSOs and NGOs to formally engage and coordinate their voice to support policy formulation, monitoring policy implementation and provide constructive feedback to the government in order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of ECCD implementation in Cambodia. By decision of NECCD members on September 15, 2016, members have decided to contribute to the proposed scheme for policy dialogue and position the NECCD under coordination of NEP to be recognized as official sub sector group on ECE and represent civil society, both with MOEYS and NC-ECCD.