Thematic Education Sector Working Groups

Through its collaboration, coordination, and engagement at different platforms withCivil Society Organizations, Development Partners, and Ministry of Education, Youth
and Sport, NEP is well-positioned to continuously deepen its ability to support broad-based education reform across Cambodia.

Collaboration, Coordination and Engagement Work of NEP
Founded in 2002 as a result of a meeting between the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) and the Education Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) seeking strategies to
improve partnership in education sector management, NEP has become the leading organization to
promote active collaboration among NGOs working in education. NEP’s position and influence is maintained and strengthened by its network of more than 140 member organizations, its longstanding and constructive collaboration with the Ministry, and its well-established relationships with development partners (DPs). Through the permanent seats NEP occupies in the ESWG and JTWG there has been an improvement in NEP's status and ability to advocate at the national level. There are multiple examples of NEP’s involvement in MoEYS policy-related events, including JTWG meetings and different high level meetings, consultations, and discussions that provided NEP with the chance to give feedback and contribute pertinent policy-= related information and suggestions to the government. Through both formal and informal means, NEP has successfully reached out to the
small group of high-level education officials and/or concerned technical departments. NEP launched advocacy initiatives on the basis of NEP research, which explores crucial issues affecting the education sector. The research findings inform evidence-based recommendations in support of critical reform. This means that research and advocacy work side by side, with findings feeding into substantive advocacy initiatives at the national and sub-national levels. NEP maintains active participation in policy developments through national committees and working groups, a range of sub-sector and thematic working groups to lead collective advocacy, original research and analysis. Through persistent support to sub-national NGOs, NEP is constantly working to improve the accessibility and quality of education at the provincial level. NEP is well-positioned to support broad-based education reform across Cambodia through consultative processes and vibrant
dialogue. NEP supports its members at the grassroots level to mobilize their communities to promote the importance of education, join together for dialogues and devise recommendations to improve the education sector and build a strong coalition of empowered partners at all levels.