National Education Sector Working Groups

Education Sector Working Groups

NGO Joint Policy Position Paper

In cooperation with NGO Forum on Cambodia, the NEP members have been able to contribute to the development of a budget allocations analysis for 2021.
Following Conclusions and Recommendation

The briefing and analysis are based on a whole existing data of the “Executive Summary on the Draft Law on Finance for Management 2021” which was released on the MEF’s website on 23rd October 2020. The Civil Society Organization is highly valued by the Royal Government of Cambodia especially all ministries and the Ministry of Economy and Finance which is hardworking in preparation and dissemination of this important document which will be discussed and approved by the National Assembly in the forthcoming.

The CSOs would like the government to disclose and provide a full of the draft law for citizens and wish to have a consultative dialogue between the National Assembly, Ministries, citizens, and CSOs so that they can contribute their inputs with the government in strengthening the budget transparency which is a part of Public Financial Management Reform Program (PFMRP) by creating a pilot mechanism for citizens to participate in the planning stage both national and sub-national levels. At the same time, the Royal Government of Cambodia should organize forums or regular mechanisms for citizens to contribute and provide constructive recommendations and monitor the approved budget implementation.