About NEP


NGO Education Partnership (NEP) is a membership organization with 128 membership organizations (72 Local NGOs and 52 International NGOs). NEP’s mandate is to provide coordination and capacity development on sub-national and local levels and representation for its members on national  platforms such as  Education Sector Working Group, sub-sector/thematic working groups (Early Childhood Care and Development, Primary Education, Non-Formal Education, and Inclusive Education), The COVID-19 Response and Continuous Learning Working Group, and Budget Working Group (education financing) .  NEP’s promotes positive partnership and collaboration among members and development partners in the education sector in Cambodia  The NEP member organizations facilitate and manage  projects on  primary education, early childhood care and education, secondary and technical education, youth development, non-formal education, vocational training, higher, and physical education and sports. CSOs, development partners, and other education sector  stakeholders continue to require coordination and communications  support for all forms of research, sub-national and national policy monitoring, support joint advocacy and engagement of actors working in vocational training, non-formal education, inclusive education, equivalency program, and life skills.  NEP is committed to providing efficient facilitation of information and knowledge exchange , which is necessary to raise the quality of programming and achieve institutional and organizational learning across the sector.  

Vision, Mission, Values, Strategic Goals

NEP vision

NEP envisions inclusive and high quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all the people in Cambodia.

NEP Mission

NEP aims to bring together education NGOs and Stakeholders to strengthen policy dialogue and sector cooperation to promote human rights, education, and high-quality opportunities for lifelong learning to all.

 NEP Values

  1. Fairness and accountability: we commit to using the resources entrusted to us solely for the organization’s objectives and communicating regularly, timely and entirely on our activities and progresses.

  2. Cooperation: we commit to fulfill our mission in a spirit of collaboration, valuing our partners, regardless of any form of discrimination nor favoritism. We acknowledge that we represent a wide variety of organizations and opinions and that real progress lies in nurturing differences and diversity.

  3. Continuous improvement:we commit to permanently striving to improve the quality of the education and lifelong-learning opportunities through our programs and activities

NEP Strategic Goals

  1. Sector Cooperation: Strengthen the coordination, collaboration, and communication among NGOs and Stakeholders within the education sector.

  2. Learning and Knowledge Sharing: Promote a culture of mutual learning and knowledge sharing, coordinate and facilitate innovations.

  3. Self-regulation: Promote sustainability, transparency and accountability within education CSOs and others.

  4. Strategic Partnership: Strengthen the strategic partnership and collaborations between the informal education sector and the government, and the donor community.

  5. Outreach: Reach out and develop learning partnerships within the region and global networks.


Charter of Operations

Participation in NEP and membership


NEP is committed to enhancing representation and participation among education CSOs. NEP also seeks the broadest possible involvement of education CSOs and all others who can contribute to and benefit from education in Cambodia.

1.1. Membership in NEP is open to non-profit humanitarian associations and non-profit, non-governmental organisations (NGO’s), community-based organisations (CSO’s) and citizen groups operating in Cambodia and working in the education sector. Collectively, they are referred to as education NGO’s and Stakeholders.


Chetra Khieu

Executive Director

Sreynich Leng

Advocacy Coordinator

Vera Ushurova

Project Coordination

Sreynich Horm

Communication Officer

Rachana Chheang

Admin-Finance and Human Resource Coordinator

Our Board

Boramey Hun

Chair of the Board

VSO International - Phnom Penh

Sochentra Sim

board member

World Education - Phnom Penh

Chansitha Mark

Vice- Chair of the Board

Action Aid - Phnom Penh

Prum Samoeurn

Board Member

CADDP -Kampot

MArk Desmaele

board member

TDSO - Siem Reap

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