The Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) is a regional association of more than 200 organizations and individuals. It works towards promoting quality education for all and transformative and liberating, life-long adult education and learning.

It strives to strengthen an Asia-Pacific movement to support community and people’s organizations, national education coalitions, teachers unions, campaign networks, and other civil society groups and institutions in holding governments and the international donor community accountable in meeting education targets and commitments.


VSO Cambodia works in the areas of education, reproductive and child health, and secure livelihoods (forestry and fisheries).

Although Cambodia is now enjoying peace after more than 30 years of conflict and political instability, it is still suffering from a greatly reduced number of qualified people in all areas of work (including nurses, doctors, teachers, lecturers and managers), and there is an enormous need to build up the human resource base of the country to achieve development.

Education Out Loud is the Global Partnership for Education’s fund for advocacy and social accountability. The fund supports civil society to be active and influential in shaping education policy to better meet the needs of communities, especially of vulnerable and marginalized populations. Read more about GPE’s collaboration with civil society.

Education Out Loud is managed by Oxfam IBIS.

Education Out Loud aims to enhance civil society capacities to engage in education sector planning, policy dialogue and monitoring and to promote transparency and accountability of national education sector policy. It also seeks to create a stronger global and regional enabling environment for civil society advocacy and transparency efforts in education.

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is dedicated to building stronger education systems in the world’s poorest countries in order to assure inclusive and equitable quality learning.