Enhancing Education Equity: NEP’s CSO Mapping Report on Inclusive and Gender-Responsive Education in Cambodia

A recent CSO mapping report highlights the crucial role of Education CSOs in bridging educational gaps, with over 52 NGOs participating. The study reveals that these NGOs primarily help children from disadvantaged backgrounds but notes a disparity in resources and qualified teachers between urban and rural areas. To address these challenges, Cambodian CSOs provide training programs for teachers, focus on inclusive education practices, and collaborate through platforms like the Provincial Education Sector Working Groups (PESWGs).

Despite political instability in some regions, CSOs are developing flexible programs and engaging local organizations for better adaptability. The report emphasizes the importance of community and parental engagement to amplify the impact of education programs.

This mapping exercise identifies key areas for CSO contribution, optimizes resource allocation, and provides data-driven insights. It calls for other CSOs to join in future mapping initiatives, collaboration opportunities, and advocacy efforts to create a more equitable education system in Cambodia. The report shows a strong foundation for gender equality and inclusive education but highlights the need for consistent policy implementation, improved data utilization, and solidified partnerships for a truly inclusive educational experience.

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