Join GCE’s first Political Learning Series on Reinforcing a Strong Political Foundation

In 2024, the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) marks 25 years of steadfast education advocacy. Currently, education is notably absent from high-level discussions, including the upcoming Summit of the Future. Global priorities are skewed towards investments in security, COVID-19 economic recovery, and addressing the impacts of climate change. Amid ongoing geopolitical crises, education investment has been deprioritized. Despite the importance of the Human Rights International Framework and the Sustainable Development Goals, their implementation hinges on the inclusion of education and lifelong learning. Significant challenges, such as funding shortages and the exclusion of critical groups like youth, teachers, students, and schools, hinder the realization of the human right to education.

GCE’s Political Learning Series aims to foster collective action and dialogue among GCE members, encouraging a reevaluation of human rights discussions related to education. The series will examine post-COVID-19 protest actions within the movement, identifying effective strategies and areas for improvement.

Join the inaugural session of GCE’s Political Learning Series on “Reinforcing a Strong Political Foundation on 30 May 2024, from 2-4pm SAST. 

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