NORRAG Webinar: The Rights to Pre-School Education

While the significance of universal preschool attendance is undisputed, trend analysis reveals that in 2020, global preschool gross enrollment remained stagnant at 60%, with only 20% enrollment in low-income countries. The deceleration of preschool expansion started well before the COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, beyond the children included in official statistics, one in five children in the Global South attends an unregistered preschool, while many preschool-age children are enrolled in primary school. These trends raise concerns about the quality and age-appropriateness of their education, yet they also underscore parents’ commitment to early learning and their need for childcare.

In response to this situation, NORRAG is hosting a webinar to discuss these findings in detail and explore strategies to overcome the current stagnation in progress.

Date: 29 May 2024   __ Time: 3 to 4.30 pm CEST (Online)

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