Call for Nominations: Review of GCE Constitution and By-laws

GCE is reviewing Constitution and By-laws. Following a recent meeting, it was decided to commence this review process, which will unfold as follows:

– Establishment of a working group composed of eight board members (one from each constituency) and eight non-board members (also one from each constituency). This group will oversee the review from June to December 2024.
– Initial findings will be presented to the board in early 2025 and subsequently shared with all members. Formal amendments or revised documents are expected to be finalized and published by October 2025.
– An online extraordinary World Assembly is scheduled for the first quarter of 2025 to ensure the new constitution is in effect for the main World Assembly.

Nominations for the working group are currently open and will close on May 31, 2024. Each constituency is encouraged to nominate their representatives by emailing before the deadline.

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