Education Champion Leaders Meeting

NEP is hosting its second Education Champion Leaders Meeting on 19 March 2024.

The quarterly Education Champion – Leader meeting is a national meeting of chairs and vice chairs of P-ESWGs and the members of the Thematic working group will be held four times per year as a sharing and learning event. In general, the quarterly national meeting will result in mutual support, sharing of best practices, networking, capacities strengthening, and increased understanding about the project support especially how the provincial education networks benefit from the project.

The Education Champion – Leaders meeting is a learning event with all the key stakeholders in CSO based Education Governance in Education sector in Cambodia. Cambodia has 25 Provincial Education Sector Working Groups (P-ESWGs) and NGO Education Partnership is responsible to manage six sub-sector working groups (SSWGs) in Education. The six-sub sector working groups are:

  • Non-Formal Education and lifelong learning
  • Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Education and Disabilities
  • Primary-Education
  • School Reform
  • Teacher Capacity Development

To join the exciting event, register here: 


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