A Handbook on Making Lifelong Learning a Reality

Society has started to recognize that investing in learning throughout life – for everyone – stimulates active citizenship, increases employability, enhances people’s health and well-being, and strengthens communities.

This handbook contains information, evidence, and basic conceptual models to help with the adoption of Lifelong Learning (LLL) in national and local settings. It includes evidence from numerous efforts and outlines some of the current concerns to which LLL responds, including how it shapes the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This handbook is intended for anyone in-charged with or interested in promoting and facilitating LLL. It is intended to be especially valuable to national policymakers. It can be used sequentially to assist LLL in a certain format or context. The manual is designed to take the reader from the fundamentals of LLL as a concept to the practical execution of LLL projects.

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