Global Education Monitoring Report on Technology in Education

As stated in the Incheon Declaration, the accomplishment of SDG 4 is contingent on the benefits and difficulties presented by technology, a relationship that has been strengthened by the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology is mentioned in six of the ten targets in the fourth Sustainable Development Goal on education. These references emphasize that technology influences education through five separate channels: input, mode of delivery, skill, planning tool, and social and cultural context.

The 2023 GEM Report on Technology and Education delves into these debates, examining education challenges to which appropriate use of technology can provide solutions (access, equity, and inclusion; quality; technological advancement; system management), while acknowledging that many proposed solutions may also be harmful.

The research also delves into three system-wide requirements (access to technology, governance regulation, and teacher preparation) that must be addressed before any technology in education can be fully utilized. 

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