Joint Thematic Working Group Meeting (2021-2023) Report

NGO Education Partnership (NEP), a permanent secretariat of 6 thematic working groups including Network on Early Childhood Care and Development (NECCD), Primary Education Sub-Sector Working Group (PE-SSWG), Sub-Working Group on School Reform (SWG-SR), Working Group Education and
Disabilities (WGED), Sub-Working Group on Teacher Capacity Development (SWG-TCD), Sub-Working Group on Non-Formal Education (SWG-NFE) organized its first in-person joint thematic working group meeting with 70 ExCom and member organizations on 22 December 2023. The meeting aimed to
strengthen capacity of members at local and national levels to support them to effectively address challenges related education for all, including inclusive education for children with disabilities, out of school children, ethnic minority children, girl through the continuous promoting of professional development (CPD) and teacher career pathway, non-formal education and school reform and to produce
advocacy agenda and to strengthen mechanism of policy dialogue.

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