Siem Reap Students Flock to Inclusive Education Thanks to the Enrolment Campaign

To celebrate the enrolment campaign this December, NEP and its CSO partners were honored to share some highlight activities of the enrollment campaign on December 7th in two schools in Siemreap, Run Kandal and Prey Dangheum Primary Schools.

Two Siem Reap schools have seen their classrooms blossom with eager new faces thanks to a remarkable enrolment campaign championing the right for every child to learn.

Run Kandal and Prey Dangheum Primary Schools are overflowing with excitement as classrooms buzz with the joy of education. This collaborative initiative by NEP, KAPE, OEC, CCOSC, and the FOSTER Project Team not only surpassed enrolment targets but also sparked a vibrant conversation about creating inclusive environments where every child can thrive.

This wasn’t just about filling seats, it was about transforming hearts and minds. Engaging activities, awareness workshops, and community outreach dismantled stigmas and celebrated the richness of diversity. The message resonated loud and clear: Every child deserves a chance to shine!

And shine they did! Siem Reap’s students embraced the campaign with open arms, ready to embark on their educational journeys in a space that celebrates their unique strengths and needs.

This is just the beginning! The campaign’s success paves the way for a future where inclusive education isn’t just a dream, but a vibrant reality for every child in Cambodia. So, let the cheers echo through Siem Reap – the future of education shines bright, fueled by the power of collaboration and unwavering dedication to inclusivity!

Together, we can build a future where education celebrates every child, no matter what.

Photos credit: Miss. Pheng Sreynich

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