NEP, and its NGO partners’ along with 250 locals paraded to Run Kandal Primary School to celebrate the enrolment campaign to open a new academic year, and to offer scholarships to students with difficulties

The NGO Education Partnership (NEP) and Kampuchea Action to Promote Education (KAPE) collaborated with other organizations to organize a campaign to promote school enrolment in Siemreap to raise public awareness about the importance of quality and inclusive education and to encourage parents to enroll their children in school.

The campaign took place at Run Kandal Primary School in Soutr Nikum District and Prey Dangheum Primary School in Puok District. It aimed to address issues such as incomplete teacher participation and low teaching quality. The initiative also sought to strengthen collaboration among education sector stakeholders to promote increased access to quality and inclusive education for all.

A wide range of stakeholders participated in the campaign, including the Siem Reap Provincial of Education, Youth, and Sport, Office of Primary Education, Governor of Puok and Soutr Nikom District Board of Governors, school management committees, school directors, parents, students, and various organizations such as Oxfam, AEA, NEP, and KAPE.

The campaign’s methodology included both social media content and physical activities, such as using motorbikes and trucks to display banners and play audio recordings of key messages across multiple villages.

The schedule for the campaign at each primary school included various activities such as traditional dances, summary reports on the education situation in the district, welcome speeches, short play performances, and the distribution of scholarships and certificates of appreciation.

In summary, the enrollment campaign in Siem Reap Province aimed to promote inclusive and quality education by raising public awareness and encouraging parents to enroll their children in school. It involved a wide range of stakeholders and utilized a combination of social media and physical activities to achieve its objectives. 

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