UNESCO and the Equitable Education Alliance (EEA) to host 9th EEA Meeting on ‘Flexible Learning for Policy Development Towards Inclusion for All’

The Equitable Education Alliance (EEA) will be hosting their 9th meeting in December 2023. The meeting will focus on the theme of ‘Flexible Learning for Policy Development Towards Inclusion for All’. The meeting will consist of two parts, a public session and a closed-door session for EEA members only. The public session will feature presentations from experts on the following topics:

  • Flexible learning opportunities for young workers and NEETs
  • Creating a more inclusive school environment for LGBTIQ+ youth
  • Enhancing support for the inclusion of special needs students in mainstream education The closed-door session for EEA members will focus on the following topics:
  • Preparations for the 3rd ‘All For Education’ (AFE) October 2024
  • Reporting on the progress of identified activities by lead organizations
  • Summarizing the successes, challenges and general reflections of EEA in 2023
  • Brainstorming and formulating EEA’s development plans and phases for 2024 The meeting will be held online and will be streamed live on the EEH Facebook page in English and the EEF Thailand Facebook page in Thai. A Thai translation service will be provided throughout the program.

Read more: https://www.unesco.org/en/articles/unesco-and-equitable-education-alliance-eea-host-9th-eea-meeting?hub=66925

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