The Young Research Fellows Program (YRP) offers a part-time six-month training programs

The Young Research Fellows Program (YRP) is an intensive one-year policy research training and coaching fellowship program designed for recent Cambodian graduates and young professionals. Established by Future Forum, the YRP aims to empower Cambodian youth to become competent in policy research and analysis, enabling them to influence and contribute to shaping public policy discourse. 

The YRP comprises a part-time six-month training program followed by six months of mentoring and conducting individual policy research. This structured approach ensures that participants gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in policy research.

The YRP is committed to nurturing the next generation of policy leaders in Cambodia. By providing comprehensive training, mentorship, and research opportunities, the program empowers young Cambodians to make a meaningful impact on their country’s policy landscape. 

If you are a passionate and motivated Cambodian graduate or young professional seeking to advance your skills in policy research, the Young Research Fellows Program offers an exceptional opportunity to make a difference. Apply today and join the ranks of future policy leaders shaping Cambodia’s trajectory. 

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