The NEP’s online discussion, the Edunettalk 41 will be hosted end of November

Edunettalk #41: Enrollment Campaign for All Children – Strategies and Recommendations for Getting Children with Disabilities to Enroll in School.

The Education Talk Show this month, The EdunetTalk, is dedicated to the enrollment campaign for all children. NGO Education Partnership is honored to invite important guest speakers from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, and CSOs working in the education sector to take part in this discussion and to address the issues and solve the problems that cause children to face difficulties in enrolling in school.

During our discussion end of this month, we will discuss the following questions:

  •  What are the main reasons why some Cambodian children with disabilities are not enrolled in school?
  • What are some ways to make school more affordable for low-income families with children with disabilities?
  • How can we improve access to schools in rural areas for children with disabilities?
  • How can we make schools more inclusive for children with disabilities and other special needs?
  • How can we support parents and caregivers in ensuring that their children with disabilities attend school regularly?
  • What role can the government, private sector, and civil society play in making school enrolment more accessible and affordable for all Cambodian children with disabilities?

Stay tuned to our discussion end of November, 30th from 4 pm to 5 pm via NEP’s Facebook page. 

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