Edunettalk #40: How to retain, and attract teachers and how to support them to pursue their profession

#EduNetTalk40: How to Retain, Attract, and Support Teachers

Date: October 31, 2023, Tuesday, 04:00-05:00 PM

Venue: NEP Cambodia Facebook page

The Objectives of this discussion are to: 

  • To explore the key factors that contribute to teacher retention and attraction
  • To give teachers a platform to express themselves in order to improve the education sector in Cambodia
  • To discuss what schools and districts can do to create a supportive environment for teachers
  • To explore effective ways to support teachers’ professional development and growth
  • To discuss how to make the teaching profession more attractive to new candidates
  • To discuss innovative ways to address the teacher shortage

Speakers are free to make suggestions and propose questions that would allow them to present their point of view best. Once confirmed, guest speakers are asked to provide 2-3 high-resolution images (formal and candid) along with a short bio, including academic and professional credentials. This will be used in promotional materials and preparations for the talk.

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