National Commitments to SDG Transformation: Rescue Plan for People and Planet

National Commitments to SDG Transformation 

The 2023 SDG Summit is a critical moment for the world to come together and accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Secretary-General has called for a “Rescue Plan for People and Planet” that includes ambitious national and global commitments to drive SDG transformation.

In line with the Guidance Note on National Commitments, Member States are encouraged to present forward-looking commitments that include:

  • Priority transitions and areas for investment that will help maximize progress across the SDGs. This could include investments in clean energy, sustainable agriculture, education, and health.
  • A national benchmark for reducing poverty and inequality by 2027. This would demonstrate a clear commitment to leaving no one behind.
  • Steps towards strengthened national planning and institutional frameworks to support progress on the SDGs. This could include establishing SDG-aligned national budgets, strengthening coordination mechanisms, and enhancing data and monitoring systems.

Member States in a position to do so are also encouraged to put forward time-bound global and regional commitments to strengthen international cooperation and support for developing countries. This could include commitments to increase development finance, provide debt relief, and share technology and expertise.

The SDG Summit is an opportunity for world leaders to demonstrate their commitment to achieving a more sustainable, just, and prosperous future for all. By making ambitious national and global commitments, Member States can send a clear signal that they are determined to deliver on the promise of the 2030 Agenda.

The SDG Summit is a moment for collective action. By making ambitious national and global commitments, world leaders can demonstrate their commitment to achieving the SDGs and creating a better future for all.

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