Room to Read Launches Brand Refresh to Strengthen Commitment to Literacy and Gender Equality

Room to Read is excited to announce the launch of its brand refresh, which reflects the organization’s commitment to literacy and gender equality in education. The new logo and visual identity system retain the familiar Room to Read roof, but give it a hand-drawn quality that reinforces the childlike energy of the brand. The roof is complemented by the clear, yet distinctive, stacked appearance of the typeset name, which reflects the importance of reading as well as the “room” young people need to thrive.

The meaning of “Room” in Room to Read’s name expands beyond the idea of a physical learning space to also include a virtual, temporal, or conceptual space for children to grow and flourish. It encompasses the vibrant libraries, books, classroom time, and instruction that are the hallmarks of Room to Read’s Literacy Program as well as the mentoring and life skills training that are critical components of its Girls’ Education Program. “Room” also reflects the space – in educator support, plans, and budgets – that larger systems must provide quality learning opportunities that are accessible to all young people.

The new brand refresh also includes an updated look and feel, as well as refreshed brand language that strengthens Room to Read’s brand story. The overall goal of the brand refresh is to create a more cohesive and impactful visual identity that reflects Room to Read’s mission and values.

New Address of Room to Read in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap

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