NEP consults with ethnic minority youth and CSOs to ensure inclusive education

The National Education Partnership (NEP) in Cambodia is conducting a consultation with ethnic minority youth and civil society organizations (CSOs) to collect feedback and input for CSO recommendations on the Education Sector Plan (ESP) 2024-2028.

The purpose of the consultation is to identify evidence-based examples of policy interventions for the implementation of the ESP 2024-2028. The consultation will produce a consolidated report and recommendations based on the feedback and input collected from marginalized communities and learners on access to education in Battambang province.

The NEP is a key focal point for educational sector work in Cambodia. The Education Strategic Plan 2019-2023 is designed to implement education, youth, and sports reforms and establish a robust base for education in Cambodia.

The consultation with ethnic minority youth and CSOs is an effort to ensure that the ESP 2024-2028 is inclusive and responsive to the needs of marginalized communities and learners.

The NEP recognizes the importance of engaging with stakeholders to ensure that education policies and programs are effective and equitable

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