Teaching Hours in Primary Schools in Cambodia

NEP Cambodia publishes its archives and presents a report titled “Teaching Hours in Primary Schools in Cambodia”. The report provides insights into the number of teaching hours in primary schools in Cambodia and highlights the challenges faced by teachers and students. According to the report, the average number of teaching hours per week in primary schools in Cambodia is 18.8 hours, which is lower than the recommended 25 hours per week.

The report also highlights the shortage of teachers in Cambodia, which has resulted in larger class sizes and reduced teaching hours. NEP Cambodia’s report is an important contribution to the ongoing efforts to improve education in Cambodia. The report provides valuable insights into the challenges faced by teachers and students in the country and highlights the need for more resources and support for education. For more information on NEP Cambodia’s report “Teaching Hours in Primary Schools in Cambodia,” visit their website. This report on teaching hours in Cambodian primary schools is the result of significant research fieldwork undertaken across the school year of 201213. The research tracked the attendance of 309 teachers in 91 schools, using multiple sources to establish how often they were absent from school, the reasons for those absences, the duration of teaching sessions, and the performance of their students. The research was conducted in 5 Provinces of Cambodia and Phnom Penh Municipality, overseen by NEP, and data collection from schools was undertaken by trained local NGO staff.

The aim of the study was to give an updated view of the challenges in delivering the mandated teaching hours in Cambodian primary schools and assess the reasons for these challenges and the impact on student learning outcomes. Whilst the study found many teachers had good attendance, and many schools experienced few unofficial closures, significant problems still remain in some schools. Previous studies in this area have all used different approaches and definitions, and therefore it is not possible to establish a firm trend,

but we are able to conclude that delivering the mandated school year remains a significant barrier to Cambodia achieving a high-performing education system that gives equal opportunities across the country.

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