MOEYS Gender Mainstreaming Plan for Education 2021-2025

The Ministry of Education in Cambodia, in collaboration with various stakeholders, has developed a Gender Mainstreaming Plan for Education for the period 2021-2025. The main objective of this plan is to ensure that gender equality is integrated into all aspects of education policy, planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation in the country.

The plan outlines a number of priority areas for action, including improving access to quality education for girls and women, promoting the recruitment and retention of female teachers, strengthening gender-responsive teaching and learning materials, and enhancing school management and governance to address gender inequalities.

The plan also includes a focus on addressing gender-based violence in and around schools, promoting positive gender norms and attitudes among students and teachers, and building the capacity of education officials and other relevant stakeholders to effectively implement gender mainstreaming initiatives.

To ensure effective implementation of the plan, the Ministry of Education will work closely with other government ministries, civil society organizations, and development partners. Key strategies for implementation include strengthening coordination mechanisms among stakeholders, conducting gender-disaggregated data collection and analysis, and promoting awareness and advocacy on The Gender Mainstreaming Plan for Education aims to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all students, regardless of gender, while also promoting the empowerment of girls and women in Cambodia.

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