Women with Disabilities Campaign for “Education for All” in Kampong Cham

Women with Disability campaign for “Education for All” in Kampong Cham

Mrs. Ly Linna, a woman with disability¬† leading campaign¬† for “Education for All” in Kampongcham, Cambodia, had a fieldwork meeting with one of the village chiefs in Mepring commune to introduce him to the project and seek his collaboration for implementation. Her project aimed to promote equitable access to education by identifying and addressing issues that prevent children, especially those with disabilities, from attending school.

During her visit to the village, Mrs. Linna met with families of children with disabilities, community members, local authorities, and schools to gather practical information about the challenges faced by children in accessing education. She learned that many children with disabilities were not attending school due to a lack of support and resources. Children with physical disabilities faced difficulties in traveling to school, while children with intellectual or developmental disabilities were often neglected and deemed worthless by their families.

Mrs. Linna recognized the need to raise awareness about the importance of education for all, especially for children with disabilities. She conducted a series of project activities to address the various challenges faced by children and their families. Her team organized meetings and workshops to share information about disability rights, inclusive education, and community-based inclusive development. They also provided physical assistance such as wheelchairs, crutches, and mobility aids to help children with disabilities attend school.

As a result of Mrs. Linna’s efforts, the village chief agreed to collaborate with the project and mobilize resources to support the education of children with disabilities in the commune. The project activities also helped to change community attitudes towards disability and increased awareness about the right to education for all, regardless of ability.

In conclusion, Mrs. Linna’s dedication and commitment to promoting equity in education for all children, regardless of ability, is an excellent example of how community engagement and collaboration can make a significant impact in addressing social challenges. Her work is an inspiration for others working towards similar causes, and we wish her and her team continued success in their endeavors.

Progress report

Mrs. Ly Linna, a project lead in Kampongcham, her project named Education for All. She had a field work to meet one village chief in Mepring commune to introduce him about the project and seek him for the collaboration in term of the implementation. Linna started to meet with the family of children with disability, communities, authority and school to get more practical information around the challenges of children’s access to education and to raise the issues up further through her project activities.

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