Capacity Development Opportunities with United Edge

  • Strategic Foresight: An Interactive Workshop for Social Justice Leaders – We’re launching this workshop in just a few months to bring Futures Thinking to more humanitarian and development organisations, because the issues we are facing require root system change and long-term planning for multiple scenarios. Leaders will come away with practical tools to use in their work for social change, new networks of passionate leaders like them from around the world, and the chance to learn from some leading futurists. Limited spaces. More info here. Sign up here.
  • Fairness Between Generations: Looking Bank and Moving Forward – We’re holding this free panel discussion next month to discuss intergenerational justice, so that we can challenge ourselves and our sector to think more deeply about the injustices that they work on. We often forget that present injustices come from past oppressions, and the atrocities that we worry about in the future are the responsibility of the generation that is alive now — that’s us! Limited spaces. More info here. Sign up here.
  • Transformative Safeguarding Course – More than 200 people joined last year’s launch of this course, and we were blown away by the positive feedback from safeguarding professionals, so we’re re-launching it! This is safeguarding through the lens of the Justice Based Approach, which was described by then Head of Safeguarding for Oxfam as, “a way of challenging your thinking about safeguarding, gaining the courage to hold yourself and others accountable for the decisions made about the most vulnerable groups in society.” We go beyond the heavy focus of compliance-driven, donor-led processes to re-center safeguarding on its real mandate — justice. Limited spaces. More info here. Sign up here.
  • Justice Based Approach Foundation Course – Our most celebrated and flagship course, loved by over 1,700 people from over 500 different organisations is BACK. With participants from over 70 countries on our last course, diving into global issues has never been more fun or effective. This is for humanitarians and development workers, activists, and social and environmental justice practitioners who are really looking for a new way of thinking about our role in solving the world’s biggest injustices. A UN participant said last time, “I never had any training like this before! It gives insights to see systems [and] development work differently, as well as helps individuals to think out-of-the-box.” Limited spaces. More info here. Sign up here.
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