Gender equality and social inclusion opportunities

KIX call for proposals: Achieving gender equality and social inclusion at school

Our colleagues at KIX have just launched a call for proposals covering “research projects to generate and mobilize evidence in support of contextualizing and scaling the impact of innovative approaches to strengthen gender-responsive and socially inclusive education and safe schooling experiences for all children, especially those facing multiple forms of gender inequalities and marginalization, in GPE partner countries”. It may not directly be relevant for our grantees, but perhaps some of those engaged with evidence-creation may have partners or other contacts that would find this interesting.


More info is available here:


KIX scoping study on gender equality and social inclusion

As part of their extension, KIX has launched a variety of initiatives on gender and social inclusion. From that, a scoping study was recently published. From a quick scan, it contains some great, broader background information, regional snapshots, and a host of good sources on education and marginalized groups and individuals (I found the overview in the section on marginalized populations on p. 6 very relevant). This could very well be a good source for grantees in the midst of writing proposals, so do consider sharing it onwards with them 😊 The study is available here:


UNGEI Feminist Network for Gender Transformative Education 2023

A bit of a different story, but the UN Girl’s Education Initiative (UNGEI) is organizing its second “Feminist Network for Gender Transformative Education” in Istanbul in November 2023. They write that it “is a convening of powerful feminist voices working together to accelerate progress towards gender transformative education around the world”. It is by invitation only but one may register interest in being invited – and perhaps this would be of interest to some of the strong gender focused grantees in our portfolio? Feel free to share as you see relevant. More info can be found here:

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