NEP Joins Global Action Week 2023

#Edunettalks x GAWE

EduNetTalk reaches out to more than 8700 people with more than 15000 engagements.  EduNetTalks has grown in reach and popularity. EduNetTalks aims to engage, enlighten and explore constructive discussions among education sector stakeholders. 

The upcoming EduNetTalk is dedicated to the Global Campaign for Education: Global Action Week for Education –  one of the most important events for the education movement. The #GAWE2023 theme is Decolonising Education Financing.

We invite all NEP members and all education stakeholders to stand together to join the GAWE 2023 – “Investing in a Just World: Decolonising Education Financing Now”  NEP’s GAWE x EduNetTalks #35 will feature  CSO representatives who will discuss concrete action for Education Financing as stated in the TES Financing Call to Action. More specifically, with the decolonization perspective.

We will invite our CSO  guests:

  • to analyze the feasibility of reaching an adequate tax-to-GDP ratio as required, through ambitious and progressive tax reforms with linked commitments towards financing educational investment; 
  • to identify and discuss international reforms that can help countries increase their tax income in a rapid and progressive way, shifting international financial institutions country-level dialogue to be bolder and more progressive on tax reforms, and ensuring global rules do not push countries into “race to the bottom” strategies in terms of taxes and harmful tax incentives ; 
  • to highlight importance of specific goals with respect to the percentage of educational investment going to the 40% and 20% of families with lowest income, to those living in rural or distant areas, children with disabilities or those especially vulnerable;
  • to heard from activists and youth from marginalized background and their experience in accessing education 

We will invite our  Youth Guests to 

  • call for recognition and clear acknowledgement that colonization that has taken place and continues to take place has had and continues to have an impact on education inequality globally and urge the reallocating funding from colonial education systems: This can include redirecting funding away from colonial education systems and institutions that perpetuate oppressive ideologies and towards decolonized education initiatives.
  •  demand investing in community-based education models: This can include supporting alternative education models that are based on traditional indigenous knowledge and values and are led by members of the community.
  • call for prioritizing funding for indigenous and minority-led education initiatives: This can include providing grants and other forms of financial support to organizations and individuals working to promote decolonized education within their communities.
  • call for new curricula in order to first dismantle the existing ones through anti-racist, anti oppressive, anti patriarchal and anticolonial lenses and second to change the current colonised curricula that uses contemporary education as a means to preserve the current way our society is structured. 
  • call on authorities and education institutions to take into account students’ perspectives in  the development of the curricula.

It’s important to note that decolonizing education financing is a complex and ongoing process that requires the active participation and engagement of indigenous and marginalized communities, as well as a willingness to challenge and transform oppressive systems and structures


The purpose of the #EduNetTalks is to:

  1. Connect with a larger audience and stakeholders in Cambodia to strengthen the Education Policy discourse.
  2. Initiate an informed debate on various relevant and contextual Education Policy issues by bringing in representatives from various key institutions at a common platform.
  3. Provide opportunities to various key representatives of the ministry, CSOs and others to formulate a collaborative stance and voice to tackle Cambodian educational system challenges.


The next edition, #EduNetTalk35, is scheduled for Wednesday, May 31, 2023. The talk will be broadcasted live on from 04:00-06:00 PM.

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