SCI Team Visits Koh Kong

Last week, members of Save the Children’s senior management team paid a visit to the targeted areas of the “Systems Approach to Transformative Economic Empowerment and Resilience (STEER)” project, aiming to better understand the value chain and linkage between farmers and agriculture input suppliers, collectors, retailers, and wholesalers, their challenges, as well as how farmers use profits for investing in children.
During the visit, which took place from January 24 to 27, 2023, the senior management team members met with the leaders from relevant departments, technical officials from provincial and district department, authorities, teachers, and students who have participated in implementing the project so far.
The visit was also considered as an opportunity for the STEER Project team to learn from the suggestions made by the senior management team for enhancing program quality and maximizing results, ensuring project sustainability, fostering effective collaboration, and finding new programme opportunities in Koh Kong.
The STEER project is funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade for five years and aims to promote the economy, family well-being, and resilience of the community through a market-based approach.
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