Training Course on Action Research

AR Course Description

Course provider: Department of Policy, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport


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A Professional educator is reflective, responsive, attend to research and builds relationships among diverse people, ideas and perspective.

The course will build educator professional capability through the exploration of significant issues in their practices. The course participants will develop an action research project, apply in their workplace, engage in seminar discussions with well-known education researchers, and publish the action research articles.

By the end of this course, the participants are expected to have demonstrated knowledge of, and the ability to use, action research as part of personal professional development and improved their practices. The participants will design and conduct an action research project that links to current education research and education issues. In addition to the written report, the participants will be assisted with writing the academic articles to be published in CAMBODIA EDUCATION REVIEW (CER), a peer reviewed journal, of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

Course detail:
1. Action Research Steps
Step 1: Problem Identification
Step 2: Establishing research question
Step 3: Research partners
Step 4: Literature Review
Step 5: Plan of Action (action research design)
Step 5: Data collection
Step 6: Data entry
Step 7: Report writing
Step 8: Reflection
Step 9: Knowledge sharing/presentation

2. Publish action research article in CAMBODIA EDUCATION REVIEW. CER is a platform for local scholars to publish and share their education research findings. The detail information of CER can be found in the website:

3. Free access to Kru24 website for one year. Kru14 is a virtual platform teaching, learning and publishing. The detail information of Kru24 can be found in the Website:

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