Reading Camps for Improving Early Reading Grades

KAFDOC-project’s aim is to improve the quality of education for 17 primary schools in Chhlong district, Kratie province. The project is called ” Easy To Learn-E2L” and has funding support from ChildFund Korea and Cambodia. The project has established 4 Reading Camps to improve the early reading grades for local Muslim children. The camps have been set up with the participation of young people in the community who help teach children with learning challenges. They have been equipped with learning materials such as whiteboards, whiteboard markers, markers for writing on clip chat, pens, coloring pencils, lead pencils, notebooks, storybooks, A4 papers, color A4 paper, scissors, clip chat, glue, tapes and reading tool kits. At least 440 children (F331) come to the reading camps every month and are supported by 12 young people volunteers.

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