4th Quarterly Network Meeting of Primary Education Sub-Sector Working Group 

On December 22, 2022 under NEP’s coordination, the Primary Education Sub-Sector Working Group organized their quarterly network meeting, and this hybrid meeting took place in DK Meeting Center and covered the following objectives:

  • To share key takeaways and priorities emerging from the National Conference on Transforming Education Paradigm, jointly organized by NEP and ASPBAE on 2nd November
  • To share MoEYS scale-up plan to roll out the implementation of Early Grade Learning package of Khmer and Maths; and the scale-up pan of National Primary School Library
  • To share the national roll-out plan for the implementation of the standard of Health Promoting School in general education
  • To share best practices and lessons learned drawing on the experiences from NGOs/MoEYS supporting the primary education sub sector for large-scale rolling out or replication

The meeting was joined by 30 participants: NGO Members and relevant department namely:

  1. Dr. Kann Puthy, Deputy Director of Primary Education Department
  2. H.E Kunthearith, Representative of School Health Department
  3. Mr. Mok Rassy, Representative of Curriculum Development Department
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