Cambodia Buddhist Library Project Update

Cambodia Buddhist Library Project thanks its volunteers who helped with English classes at Anlungkuki Village School three days a week. They also helped with the mobile library and model schools

Cambodia Buddhist Library project was initially started in 2005 by Paget Sayers and it was registered as a local NGO in the Ministry of Interior in 2007. It has been working on three main projects: Water Tank, Dental Clinic and Education in Kampot, Kep, Takeo and Kampong Speu.
Vision: Children receive services from Buddhist Library Cambodia Project have bright future.
Mission: Commit to improve Cambodian children’s live to have bright future through providing safe water supply, education and dental care.
WASH Program:
1). Safe Drinking Water Project:
By end of 2021, we have built 8085 concrete water tanks of 2,000 liters, 146 huge concrete tanks of 20, 000 liters and 20 Pioneer tanks of 20,000 liters at more 900 schools. We have also installed 63 units of water filter systems at 63 schools to provide safe drinking water to children.
2). Hygiene and Sanitation Project:
I this project, we have built a lot of sanitation facilities for schools including toilets, hand washing facilities and incinerators.
Education Program:
In this program, we provide free English, computer, non-formal and preschool classes; library and mobile libraries; and school facility constructions.
1). English Classes : there are 65 classes with around 1,600 students learning English for free of charge on daily basis.
2). Computer Classes: there are 45 classes with around 400 students learning computer skills on daily basis.
3). Khmer non-formal: currently we have 8 classes with around 250 students. The classes are for slow-learning students at primary schools.
4). Preschool Classes: we support 8 community preschool classes with around 200 students on daily basis.
5). Library and Mobile Libraries: we have a permanent library and three mobile libraries.
6). School Facility Constructions: we have constructed 23 classrooms and other facilities at 7 schools.
Dental Health Care Program:
This project has agreement with the Ministry of Health from 2012 to 2023. It has three clinics – Cecilia Dental Clinic at Kbal Romeas, Kim Yon Dental Clinic at Kampong Speu and a Mobile Clinic. The three clinics provide free dental treatments to more than 1,000 children, teachers and monks every month.
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