New Projects kicks-off in Ratanakiri followed by Consultation with Education Sector Stakeholders on Joint goals in Provincial Policy Dialogue and Advocacy

On October 28, 2022 Ratanakiri Education Sector Working Group led by SVC Cambodia organized the consultation meeting with CSOs, youth activists, women, persons with disabilities, and ethnic minorities to develop one 3-year collaborative advocacy plan for each cluster and revise annually to update and respond to changes in priorities, as post of FHI 360 funded project Civil Society Strengthening Cluster Anchor

The project aims to achieve increased capacity to collaborate through the facilitation of information and knowledge sharing to the national decision-making level via the existing thematic and geographical networks of educational sector actors, supporting both national and provincial authorities’ decision-making through documented inclusive advocacy processes. In this project, titled “Promoting access to quality and inclusive education for all through public advocacy campaigns for improving schools, students, and teachers”, NEP’s provincial strategic partners have been consulted and will be ready to start the work once successfully granted. They will be responsible for their key work in their respective provinces. Key tasks in each province will be initiating, coordinating, and implementing advocacy activities within their constituencies – like Save Vulnerable Cambodians in Ratanakiri.

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