STEPCam offers continuous professional development system and a student tracking system

At Chambok Haer Primary School, Grade 1 teacher Chhay Kimsak received support from a mentor on better methods to teach Khmer and math to her students. Now, her students are more engaged and happier to learn. Chhay is among the 4,000 primary teachers receiving support through the Strengthening Teacher Education Programs in Cambodia (STEPCam).

STEPCam is supported by GPE, UNESCO, UNICEF and USAID. It aims to improve children’s learning by improving the quality of teaching. It is proven that well-prepared, qualified, motivated teachers who continue to update their skills are the strongest factor to improve student learning. The new continuous professional development system represents a shift from the short-term projects of the past towards an institutionalized approach.
STEPCam also developed a student tracking system to record data such as learning outcomes, dropout rates, gender, disability and scholarships. The system can facilitate the identification of learners who are falling behind or at risk of dropping out so that preventive measures can be taken.

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