ExCom Election for the Sub-Sector Working Group on School Reform

On October 07, 2022 NEP organized the virtual meeting that aimed to elect the executive committees for the sub-working group on school reform. We would like to introduce the elect-executive committees who would take the lead of this new working group.

1. Mr. Ul Run, the senior national advisor from KAPE is elected to be the Chair of ExCom.

2. Mr. Out Sarang, the director of school-based management from Save the Children is elected to be the Vice Chair of ExCom.

3. Ms. Keo Narath, the project coordinator from This Life Cambodia is elected to be the member of ExCom.

4. Mr. Khun Bunlee, the managing and executive director from Khmer NGO for Education is elected to be the member of ExCom.

5. NEP secretariat is the permanent member of ExCom.

This sub-working group contains 29 members who would join the force and work to improve the implementation of school reform.

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