NGO Education Partnership Recruiting Researchers for CSO Mapping Assignment

This assignment’s goal is to identify the key development interventions and their impact on other non-government organizations programs, to support coordination, knowledge management, and to inform project and program development in the provincial and national education sector. The results of the assessment will provide key strategies and contributions to improve the quality of CSO participation and contribution to the education sector, and among provincial and thematic education sector working groups.

The civil society in the education sector is vast and diverse, thus through coordination of programs and projects is of utmost importance, which requires regular program and project mapping to avoid duplication of efforts and ensure that the interventions across the sector continue to be impactful. To address this challenge this assignment will produce a set of recommendations and solutions to future collaboration. Thus, qualitative methods and analysis such as desk review, in-depth- interviews and focus group discussion will be employed.

The overall purpose of the assignment is to understand the programmatic footprint of the CSO partners and respond to any emerging implementation gaps identified by and/or with the CSOs.

The specific objective is to identify the key development interventions and to assess CSOs projects’ synergy, document successes, challenges and lessons learned, and develop recommendations.

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