Open Call: ICT in Education Projects

 Fo organisations working in Cambodia with ideas on how to use ICT to improve education in primary or secondary schools? In this open call, SPIDER’s education program seeks proposals for projects using ICTs to improve equal access to education and learning through digital tools.The proposed project should aim to reduce social inequities, protect vulnerable groups and address gender disparities in education that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. It should focus on equal access to education and learning through digital tools. Special attention should be paid to SDG 4.1, 4a and 4c. Deadline: 15-Sep-22

Funding Information
  • Depending on the availability of funds SPIDER will allocate 700,000 SEK per project
  • Project activities can take place from end of 2022 until October 2023.
  • They are looking for projects that can deliver concrete results to the following short-term outcomes for SPIDER’s education programme:
  • Students/Learners have ICT-based access to education and digital content is available,
  • Institutions of learning and related civil society organizations have strengthened capacity in accessible education, capacity building of teachers and content development.
Eligibility Criteria
  • SPIDER will accept applications from organizations and institutions of learning from Cambodia and Zambia.
  • Proposed projects must also be implemented in these countries
  • Rules for the open call :
    • The application must be written in English, font Times New Roman size 11
    • Hand-written applications are not accepted
    • Applications that exceed the page limit will be rejected.
    • Applications sent in after the deadline will be rejected.
    • Spider requests applicants to send in an externally audited annual report, audit management letter, and the organization’s proof of registration. These documents together with the application form will be the application.
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