REACH SIEM REAP begins implementation of the Youth Pathways

One of NEP new members, Reach Siem Reap have announced their 12-month Level 1 course is packed with 22 students eager to be part of this exciting program!

In early July, the Youth leaders made the first induction for our students aged 14 years old and above. In the presentation, they explained all the activities and benefits the students will receive as the inaugural class while also explaining our NGO’s expectations of them always to try their best and to engage with their education throughout the year.

As members of the Youth Pathways Program, the students will soon be going on interactive field trips and educational excursions with their teachers and friends. These excursions are planned to expose the students to either create interest in developing hard and soft skills or learning things that public schools won’t teach them.

Many of our students live in insular communities and rarely venture out of their villages. For them, having access to these little adventures creates great excitement.

A highlight for them was knowing that this program gives them the opportunity of continuing their education with options to decide on obtaining vocational training and scholarships.

There are so many important topics to cover, and we can’t wait to see as our youths transform and their confidence grows throughout the year.

With guidance, dedication, and the right support, we believe that our youths can achieve anything.





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