Cambodian Civil Society Strengthening Project – Gender and Social Inclusion Assessment Final Report

East‐West Management Institute (EWMI) commissioned a Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI) assessment of its first round of 12 grantee partners under the Cambodian Civil Society Strengthening (CCSS) program. The purpose of this exercise was to assess the grantees’ GESI‐related strengths, weaknesses, and results achieved, and to extract lessons learned and develop a framework for EWMI to apply to the CCSS program moving forward. The assessment covers both the partners’ internal institutional structure and external program interventions, with a view to understanding how these will affect GESI in their outcomes. The framework has been designed to help EWMI and their partners learn to improve; capture change for accountability; and project future impact. The assessment also analyzes the extent to which CCSS grantees are delivering on GESI at the outcome level, using the three overarching goals of the USAID Gender Policy as a framework.

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  Published by: Cambodian Civil Society Strengthening Project
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