EduNetTalk 24: Teacher reform: improving teacher quality through teacher education institutions

We invite you to join the upcoming education network talk show on May 31, 2022Teacher reform: improving teacher quality through teacher education institutions” which will include the following:  

  • 4:00pm, moderated dialogue among CSO and Ministry Officials, followed by some questions from the audience, which will be shared live on Facebook
  • 5:00pm, CSO discussion on development of coordination practices to raise awareness and increase interest in teacher reform at 05:00 PM the discussion we are open to NEP members but will not be shared on Facebook page or any other social media.

This talk show aims to highlight significant elements of the teacher reform and their role in contributing to improved performance of teachers and students. Additionally, it will also cover good lesson learned and best practices of Ministry and civil society that contribute to strengthening of quality of teaching on formal and non-formal settings.


Please take 2 minutes to register through this link and you will receive the ZOOM link to attend the talk and discussion:


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