Open & Accountable Budgeting Course

We have an opportunity to build a fair and just world together. This is an ambitious statement to make in a world just clawing its way out of a pandemic, amidst rising poverty and declining democracy. But this is the opportunity that we have before us if the public, and not special interests, drive public budgets. Research shows clearly now that opening budget processes is our best chance to make sure that scarce public resources flow to those that really need them the most. Truly public budgets deepen democracy and development. 
Yet, despite the evidence, budget processes in most countries in the world still shut out the majority of the population. It is time to change these archaic practices and put the public at the centre of public budgeting. These workshops and this workbook is the start of an exciting process to do so. Over the next weeks and months, you will have the opportunity to better understand how governments raise and spend public money – that is your money – and begin to use this knowledge to shift power in your country.
You are not alone in this quest. In over 120 countries around the world researchers, activists, organizers, and movement builders are working to open and influence public budgets. You are joining this rich community with the challenge of expanding these efforts even further to important corners of the world. The challenge is big, to be sure, but working together we can make real progress. Please join us, and in no time, we will be learning with you too.

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