Toys and Games Prototypes for Preschool Teachers

The guide for preschool teachers, called the “Toys and Games Prototype Manual”, was prepared by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) with input from various departments including: Special Education Department; Early Childhood Education Department; Teacher Training Department; Preschool Teacher Training Center; National Institute for Special Education; and, five other relevant departments of the MoEYS. Additional contributors included development partners and a technical consultant. This purpose of this manual is to enable preschool teachers, parents and guardians to gain knowledge and skills to produce and play numerous inclusive educational games for the children ages three to five years old, thus supporting children’s development skills and pre-school-learnings in order to prepare them for transition to grade one. The manual is intended to be inclusive for use among children with and without disabilities. Every child can play the games included in this manual regardless of their disabilities, ethnicity, age, gender, language, religion, social economic status or other differences. Toys and games presented in the manual use low cost, locally-available materials that require limited time to create (an hour or less). It is recommended to use actual objects rather than pictures whenever possible. Toys and games selected are simple to create and easy to understand to play.

  Published on: 2019
  Published by: MOEYS
  Language: English

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