Teaching Methodology for Environmental Life Skills Education for Teacher Training Centers

The Environmental Life Skills document is compiled under collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, trainers in teacher training school in Siem Reap and VVOB’s SEAL project technician assistance of Belgium.
This book provides briefing notes for trainers, teachers in teacher training centres and primary schools to use as their reference in teaching environment life skills.
All the lessons in this book mainly focus on increasing awareness; it contains findings on environmental issues, life skills development, solutions, decisions and considerations in a bid to make teaching activities and the learning process of teachers to have better outcomes.
The book is composed for broadening teachers’ knowledge of environmental issues in which the world is interested in nowadays and pay close attention in order to avoid, reduce and take measure to prevent the issues or event caused by environment.
This Environment Manual has been checked for accuracy by the Centre for Environment Education India and Live & Learn Cambodia. VVOB wishes to thank both organisations for their support. Osmose has been supportive with providing pictures for the manuals and posters for the Teacher Training Centres and practice schools.

  Published on: 2013
  Published by: MOEYS
  Language: English

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