Evidence Based Advocacy for Education Development

Project: “Tackling the Implementation Gap in Education Reform; Mobilizing Civil Society”

With funding support from the European Union and BMZ, NGO Education Partnership (NEP) in cooperation with DVV International, has developed a programme of activity aimed at improving educational services in Cambodia through the stronger and more structured engagement of Civil Society in public service monitoring and collective advocacy. This project, which runs from 1st January 2016 until 31st December 2018, offers the opportunity to significantly advance the engagement of NGOs in Government policy, and strengthen Civil Society approaches in a sustainable way.
This project aims to build the capacity of CSOs working specifically on education to participate more fully and more effectively in local governance and decision-making, influencing national and local policy to improve the equity and inclusiveness of education service delivery, and respond confidently in strengthening local accountability.
One main activity of this project is to provide training to CSO network members at a local level to support policy analysis and develop effective sub-national advocacy activities through the Provision of cluster training for P-ESWG members on community-based research, policy analysis, and effective education advocacy.””

  Published on: 1/1/2018
  Published by: NGO Education Partnership (NEP)
  Language: English

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