Action Research Report on the Impact of COVID-19 on Child Protection and Well-being

COVID19 has spread rapidly within and between the communities across Cambodia. The Royal Government of Cambodia has implemented measures to contain the spread of COVID19, including school closures, social distancing, and quarantine, all of which have secondary impacts on children and their households. The Komar Rikreay Association (KMR), with funding support from The Asia Foundation (the Foundation), conducted research to generate rigorous evidence on how the COVID19 pandemic and measures implemented to mitigate it are impacting children’s protection and wellbeing.
The research also identifies children’s and their families’ needs during these times.

The research focused on addressing one main question: What are the impacts of COVID19 on child protection and wellbeing? The research was implemented in 10 villages within 2 communes and 2 districts in Battambang province and resulted in the most comprehensive survey of children and families during the COVID19 crisis in Cambodia to date, with 150 parents and caregivers and 150 children aged between 1117 years old participating.

Author : Komar Rikreay Association (KMR)

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